LCB's Environmental Impact

Brewing with a Conscience

At LCB we aim to 'brew with a conscience' and sustainability is key to our company's mission. We aim to keep our carbon emissions down by employing local staff and delivering our craft beers to our customers by weekly area rotas.

We attempt to reduce our waste as much as possible by strictly monitoring our brewing process and sending our spent grain to a local cheese farm to feed the cattle. We also use water from our local borehole, located on our premises, to brew our craft beers. This means that we access and use sustainable natural resources to produce our beers as the borehole water supply is renewed by rainfall. 

All LCB beers are packaged in recyclable glass bottles and we encourage all our customers to recycle our bottles after you've tasted the Wold's Bold. As a company, we are continually working to improve our practices and packaging to ensure we have the least environmental impact possible.