We are LCB, we are rural.

Our Story

Independently brewing the BOLD in the Lincolnshire Wolds since 1995  

Lincolnshire Craft Beers has been brewing high quality craft beers for over 20 years. The LCB brewery is located in Melton Ross, a rural farming village in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Our brewing buildings were historically used for farming and still today, are surrounded by beautiful working crop fields.

The LCB team is made up of craft beer lovers with a passion for Lincolnshire and its traditions. Our LCB family members are proud of their Lincolnshire roots and proud of the distinctive craft beers we create. Our aim is that by casking and bottling the 'Wold's Bold',  we can allow everyone the opportunity to experience a true taste of Lincolnshire.


Our beers are inspired by our location and our passion for Lincolnshire landmarks. From our classic trio to our new and evolving range of distinctive craft beers, if you're bold, you can definitely face the drink of the Wolds.

Meet the Team

marksmith photo.jpg


Mark Smith


Mark Smith formed Lincolnshire Craft Beers in May 2017, having bought a Lincolnshire based, traditional brewery that was established in 1995. Mark brought a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the company and aims to expand the company whilst maintaining its integrity and traditional values.



Rhys Brokenshire

Head Brewer

Rhys Brokenshire has worked for the company since 2001. He is passionate about brewing superior, hand-crafted beers and his knowledge of our products and methodology is second to none.


Martin Green

Brewery Assistant

Martin Green joined our company in 2014 and, as Brewery Assistant, he is involved in all aspects of our beer making process, from measuring and loading ingredients and brewing to loading and delivering our craft beers to our customers.